Cliff Johns – Hi, Bird (1970)

From British library label Studio G comes this great track.
Apparently issued in 1970 on the release “Beat Group” in Discogs the track is attributed to Cliff Johns.

However in the comment section on YouTube a user by the name “mikesilurilease” who seem to be the composer of the track writes the following:

Just for the record…. the line up for this 1967 recording was Big Colin Pincott – guitar . Don Gillies – bass, Peter Trout – drums, Mike Lease – organ & composer/arranger. Whilst visiting my parents in South Wales, I was contacted by Studio G at lunch time about doing this session in London the same evening. This and 5 other titles were feverishly “composed” on the train journey, then recorded in a 3-hour session. I’m truly amazed at this response… ! – Mike Lease.

Beat Group was reissued in 1996 on label Tenth Planet in 600 copies.