Mark Duval And His Music – Action Man (1974)

From the 1974 Chappell LPC 1070 release Brass And Rhythms, this is exactly that.

This is a quite sought after library release and for good reason; it’s packed with funky tracks featuring brass and guitars.

Mark Duval by the way is an alias used by Chappell.
It is a bit unclear who exactly is behind the alias and maybe it was just a house name used by different artists at Chappell.

René Costy and His Orchestra – Scrabble (1972)

Fiddle-funk from French composer René Costy with some nice Fender Rhodes thrown in.
This track is from the Chapell release “Chappell Mood Music Vol. 26“.

The track was heavily sampled by J Dilla on his “Fuck the Police” from 2001.
Guess Costy didn’t see that comming :)

Ole Jensen And His Music – Daisy Bird (1970)

Even if released on the production/library label Chappell Recorded Music, Ole Jensen doesn’t really exists. Only the music does.

Apparently Ole Jensen was a house pseudonym used by Chappell to cover various musicians.

For a list of Ole Jensen And His Music releases check out Discogs.