Giuseppe De Luca – Il Battello (1970)

Cozy bossa piece from Italian soundtrack and easy listening jazz composer Giuseppe De Luca.
This is from the soundtrack to the 1970 movie “Das Bildnis des Dorian Gray”.

Ugo Calise – Prefercise L’Aragosta (1973)

Italian library track from the CAM release “Mappamondo (Musiche Di Terra E Di Mare)“.
If you like it short ‘n’ sweet with vibraphone and muted trumpet – as I do – this is for you.

Alfonso Santisteban – Todo Ha Sido Un Sueño (1975)

Released on the Italian cinema label CAM, this moog track could easily have been lifted out from a 1960s movie.
But it is not.

Even though Alfonso Santisteban has been the composer of more than 100 soundtracks this piece is from the library release Spanish Moog from 1975.