Artie Butler – The White Fox (1971)

From the soundtrack to the movie “The Love Machine” from 1971, comes this Artie Butler track.
The release is credited to Dionne Warwicke but no doubt this super slow bossa track is Artie’s.

Bert Kaempfert – Grey Eyes Make Me Blue (1971)

From brass master Bert Kaempfert comes this wonderful big band jazzy gem.
Enjoy the slow drums, brass section, piano and of course Kaempfert himself on trumpet.

This track is from his 1971 release “Bert Kaempfert Now!“.

Jean-Pierre Mirouze – Sexopolis (1971)

Track is the flip side of a 7″ soundtrack from a French movie called Le Mariage Collectif – apparently full of Danish actors. Weird.

Anyway – the music is slow and funky. And was reissued in 2010.