Dyna-Might – Borracho (1970)

Great funky track from Los Angeles based Dyna-Might.
Originally called Mickey & The Invaders they changed name in 1969 and apparently became houseband at Disneyland(!).
In 1977 they spilt up and parts became a christian band called The Agape Brothers.

It’s a facinating story and you can read it (and listen to it) on the blog “You Found That Eastside Sound“.

Cliff Johns – Hi, Bird (1970)

From British library label Studio G comes this great track.
Apparently issued in 1970 on the release “Beat Group” in Discogs the track is attributed to Cliff Johns.

However in the comment section on YouTube a user by the name “mikesilurilease” who seem to be the composer of the track writes the following:

Just for the record…. the line up for this 1967 recording was Big Colin Pincott – guitar . Don Gillies – bass, Peter Trout – drums, Mike Lease – organ & composer/arranger. Whilst visiting my parents in South Wales, I was contacted by Studio G at lunch time about doing this session in London the same evening. This and 5 other titles were feverishly “composed” on the train journey, then recorded in a 3-hour session. I’m truly amazed at this response… ! – Mike Lease.

Beat Group was reissued in 1996 on label Tenth Planet in 600 copies.

Orchester Maurice Pop – Patatas Fritas (1970)

One hell of a happy track from Maurice Pop aka Manuel Riga aka Shorty Malden aka Fritz Maldener – a German jazz pianist, composer and arranger.

This versatile guy has done a lot of stuff – apparently also tracks for German porn movies in the 1970s.

This track is from his release “Play Together“.

Giuseppe De Luca – Il Battello (1970)

Cozy bossa piece from Italian soundtrack and easy listening jazz composer Giuseppe De Luca.
This is from the soundtrack to the 1970 movie “Das Bildnis des Dorian Gray”.

Pinto Varez & The Green Future – Honey, Rhythm And Butter (1970)

From the album “Uncle Jim” released same year on both Italian labels Vedette Records and Phase 6 Super Stereo.
The Phase 6 Super Stereo release is attributed to “Pinto Varez Orchestra” though, even if the catalog numbers are the same – VPAS 887.

Pinto Varez actually is a pseudonym of Francesco Anselmo, art director for both labels at the time.

Ole Jensen And His Music – Daisy Bird (1970)

Even if released on the production/library label Chappell Recorded Music, Ole Jensen doesn’t really exists. Only the music does.

Apparently Ole Jensen was a house pseudonym used by Chappell to cover various musicians.

For a list of Ole Jensen And His Music releases check out Discogs.