Donny Hathaway – Valdez In The Country (1973)

Donny Hathaway originally wrote and produced this for the American soul-funk-rock band Cold Blood for their 1972 First Taste Of Sin release.

The year after he included his own Fender Rhodes driven version on his Extension Of A Man release.

Pure bless. And Rhodes :)

Love Unlimited – I Did It For Love (1976)

Love Unlimited was the vocal trio backing up Barry White on his albums and tours.
In the 1970s they released some 5 albums of their own – all produced by Barry White as far as I know.

This funky piece is from their album “He’s All I’ve Got” and I just love the tightness of bass, guitar and drums.
Quite addictive if you ask me. Turn it up to eleven :)

Shigeo Sekito – Carly & Carole (1975)

Japanese Shigeo Sekito made four albums between 1975 and 1977, called “Special Sound Series Vol. 1-4“.

This track is from his Vol. 2 and is his funky take on a track originally written by the great Brazilian keyboard player Eumir Deodato.

Should you care to listen to the full album it is available here.

The Harry Roche Constellation – Lay Lady Lay (1973)

Extremely laid back yet swinging version of the Dylan classic with a very nice electric piano rif and lots of quiet brass.

Harry Roche Constellation consisted of some of the leading session players of the period, as well as course of Harry Roche himself who was a former military bandsman playing a lot of easy jazz in the 1960s

This track is from the release Spiral, which is quite sought after and expensive.
I have got myself a copy, of course :)

Ananda Shankar – Dancing Drums (1975)

This track is heavy on everything, from sitar over moog to bongos and has a great drum break.

Bengali musician Ananda Shankar worked with Jimi Hendrix among others in USA in the late 1960s but made his album Ananda Shankar And His Music in 1975, after returning to India.

Take a pill and dance like there is no tomorrow.

The Lyman Woodard Organization – Belle Isle Daze (Part I) (1975)

Very slow funky piece from American jazz organist Lyman Woodard and his organization.
From the release Saturday Night Special which is a very sought after vinyl.
Fortunately it was re-released in 2009.

Dyna-Might – Borracho (1970)

Great funky track from Los Angeles based Dyna-Might.
Originally called Mickey & The Invaders they changed name in 1969 and apparently became houseband at Disneyland(!).
In 1977 they spilt up and parts became a christian band called The Agape Brothers.

It’s a facinating story and you can read it (and listen to it) on the blog “You Found That Eastside Sound“.

Al Foster Band – The Night Of The Wolf (1975)

Funky track by “Al Foster Band” which was a pseudonym for Italian writers and musicians Ivano Alberto Fossati and Oscar Prudente.

The original title of this track was “Tema Del Lupo” when it was released in Italy in 1973, but American label Roulette changed the title for the 1975 re-release in USA.

Incredible Bongo Band – Ohkey Dokey (1974)

Fabulous track from Incredible Bongo Band with – of course – a lot of bongo.
It was released on a promo 7″ as far as I know but is essentially the closing track from their album “The Return Of The Incredible Bongo Band“.